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Time News Feed 6-6-13


Discovery News 3/13  http://news.discovery.com/animals/insects/bugs-make-art-pictures-130304.htm

‘Bug Man Of Hollywood’ Shares Tips How To Train Bugs For The Big Screen



2013    Nov 9- Dec 1. Eclosion, a group juried show, Art. Science. Gallery  Austin, TX
2013    Oct 2-30 Artwork and articles about Steven R Kutcher at Sierra Madre Library.  Sierra Madre, CA
2013    Oct 19- Sept-2014 Peabody Essex Museum, East India Square. 

 Beyond Human.  I will be at the Opening Oct 19 to talk and demonstrate Bug Art

Salem, MA
2013  June 7-July 19  Alice C. Sabitini Gallery,  Topeka & Shawnee Co. Public Library  Unearthed. 19 Pieces of Bug Art  Topeka, KS
2013 July 21 Santa Barbara Natural History Museums, Tinker Fair

Demonstration, Bug Art talk and how children can paint with Superworms Zophobas

Santa Barbara CA
2013   May. 18-19 L.A. Co. Natural History Museum,  Bug Fair Los Angeles, CA  
 2012 Nov -Feb 2013 Oil Museum   Bug Art exhibit Santa Paula, CA
2012   Jan-March The Hive Gallery, Zzyzx  Science Gallery,  729 S. Sprint St.. Los Angeles , CA
2011   Sept 22-Nov 10 University of Southern Maine, Art Gallery  Exhibit on Art and Science and Insects  Gorham, Maine  
2011   May. 14-15 L.A. Co. Natural History Museum,  Bug Fair Los Angeles, CA  
2010   Aug 19- Jan 9 Menagerie: The Art of Animals.  Forest Lawn Museum.   Reception Aug 19 6-8 pm   (Free) Glendale, CA  
2010   July 10-11 Quail Gardens (San Diego Botanic Gardens) Encinitas, CA  
2010   June 9 Artists talk  Show "Insecticide" The Loft at Liz's. 453 S. La Brea Av. www.theloftatlizs.com   Los Angeles, CA  
2010   May15-16 Insect Fair.  L.A. Co. Natural History Museum Los Angeles, CA  
2010    May 15 Insecticide The Loft at Liz's. 453 S. La Brea Av. www.theloftatlizs.com  May 15-June 15.   13 pieces on exhibit. Opening May 15, 7-10pm Los Angeles, CA
2010    Jan 12 The Importance of Flower Color:  The Art and Science of Petal Rubbing.  Sepulveda Garden Center. California Native Plant Soc. Encino, CA
2009    Sept. 8- Dec. 18 University of Southern Maine/Atrium Art Gallery

Spineless Wonders




2009 May 16-17 Insect Fair.  L.A. Co. Natural History Museum Los Angeles, CA  
2009 April 23 Riverside International Film Festival.  Bug Art by Steven R Kutcher (14 min)  will be shown at the 5:00 pm screening  www.riversidefilmfest.org for more info. Riverside, CA  
2008 May 17-18 Insect Fair.  Natural History Museum Los Angeles, CA  
2008 April 12 Eaton Canyon Nature Center Pasadena, CA
2008 Feb 9-

March 3


Opening reception Feb 9,  7 pm-11 pm

Alhambra, CA
2007 Dec. 15 -

2008 Jan. 13

City of Lancaster Museum & Art Gallery Lancaster, CA
2007 Dec. 9-12 ESA Meeting Convention Center San Diego, CA
2006 Aug. Viva Gallery Sherman Oaks, CA
2006 July MOCA Minsk Belarus Minsk, Belarus
2006 April-May Armory Center for the Arts, Artist in Residence  Pasadena, CA
2005-2007 Kidspace Children's Museum Pasadena, CA
2005 Jan-Feb Turtle Bay Redding, CA
2011 CrystalKiss   Aniumal Art    Feb 19         http://www.crystalkiss.com/the-little-animals-artist/
2010 BUG ART MOVIE                        Segments on  YOUTUBE   


 or search for "Bug Art"     by Steven                              

2009 Discovery Channel  (in Edit)
2006 Long Beachin' with Mo (Long Beach Community TV)
2006 Current.Com  Podcast (Bug Art with insects & Scorpion)  
2011 Nov All + interactive English Magazine.  Unusual Mediums of Art  by JustinThibedeau  Pp 32-35.
2012 'Who we are?'  'Olkha Aamhi Kon?' by Abha Bhagwat 2012  Ant footprints
2010 Squirrely Over Nuts by Angela T. Baron.   I made monarch caterpillar footprints for the book 
2009 Digger Mag #2  pp.60-63  www.diggermag.com       Italy
2009 July Le Republica Newspaper, Velvet Magazine, Italy
2008 Nov.


Muy Interesante.  pp.112-115  
2008  Aug.


Ripley's Believe It Or Not.   Prepare to Be Shocked!  p.21
2008 April 22 Pasadena Star News.  Earth Day Supplement
2007  Dec. 14 Antelope Valley Press (Valley Life, B-5)
2007  Nov. 29 Nature (in print and online) p. 613
2007  Nov. 5 In Touch Weekly  p. 70
2007    Oct. 6 The Mail on Sunday (online), London P.
2007 Aug. Washington Post (in print and online)
2007 June Ça m'interesse, Paris p.106


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